LF314 - GOOD NIGHT CASEY - featuring Casey vs Penney, Roz, Nina and Lily

35 Minutes of eye rolling KO's, smothers, scissors, HOM's and vicious hair pulling.

From the archives of the Members Video Vault of years past, Casey faces off against several of her most hated opponents.. and pays the price..

     Compiled from 5 videos clips, Casey faces off against several of her most hated adversaries. Though she might be tiny, Casey has the heart of a lioness and the killer instincts to match. But size is often the deciding factor in most match and this is no different as all of her opponents are decidedly bigger than Casey. As each opponent takes their turn with the luscious haired beauty, poor Casey is mercilessly KO'd time and time again, from the classic Sleeper Hold to the dreaded Hand Over Mouth KO's. Try as she may, poor Casey battles an uphill war of attrition as her opponents all put petite Casey out like a like, with her white flags of surrender rolling to the back of her head as she bids all a good night..

     You might have seen Casey battle it out against Penney in LF313 but you've never seen these two in such a malicious beat down KO match like this one. Penny demonstrates her strength when she easily tosses her opponent Casey around like a rag doll before repeatedly knocking her out with a variety of holds, even more vicious as she has the helpless Casey stretched across a cross shoulder back breaker and HOM combination, adding insult to the injuries! Up next is Roz who is much larger than poor Casey as she takes no pity on the smaller fighter. Viciously dragging poor Casey to and fro by the hair and sitting on her opponent, Roz is sure to let Casey know who the boss is. Brutaly vicious to the end, Roz makes no excuse for her hatred towards Casey as she destroys the smaller long haired girl. That's one hell of a rough match up!!

    Up next, Casey faces off against curvy Nina. Though less experienced on the mats than Casey, Nina has the size advantage as she pins and tortures her smaller opponent in this shorter hair pulling and KO clip segment. Poor Casey never had a chance! And last but not least in the line up is veteran fighter Lily the Torturous Librarian who likes to fight with her glasses on so she can better see her opponent's suffering. Though Lily once again has a size and experience advantage over Casey, the little fighter is ready for this match as she's more able to hold up her own against the vicious Lily. Back and forth they go, trading scissors and hair pulls while wrestling for dominance. But after such a vicious and prolonged battle, Casey isn't able to keep up with Lily's abilities and Casey finds herself on the vicious receiving end of Lily's rage as the poor petite fighter is put down and out for the final time in this brutal battle.

KO Fans will not want to miss this video!

(AI Enhanced 1280x960 MP4 version)

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